Final HH CoPs Interpretive Guidelines - Overview
Final HH CoPs Interpretive Guidelines - Overview
The long-awaited final version of the Interpretive Guidelines associated with the new Conditions of Participation for Home Health Agencies were released August 31, 2018. The Guidelines include considerable revisions to the draft Interpretive Guidelines document released in October 2017. The vast majority of the revisions provide greater streamlining and clarification of the intent and requirements within the new CoPs. However, there continue to be questions related to some aspects of the new COPS that have already been submitted to the Quality, Safety & Oversight Group (formerly the Survey & Certification Group) for additional clarification such as:

•Medication review in therapy only cases,
•Timing of updates to the comprehensive assessments and what constitutes the need for a new POC and certification period,
•Extent of diagnoses needed on the plan of care, and
•The role of the physician responsible for the oversight of the plan of care in updating and review of the plan of care, particularly related to orders from multiple physicians.

The format of this program will be an overview of the changes between the draft and final Interpretive Guidelines followed by an extended opportunity for agencies to ask questions they may have on any aspects of the new COPs. In order to provide the most accurate responses to HHA questions and accommodate all questions, individuals are asked to submit their questions a minimum of one week before the program.

Bring your staff together and listen to this 90 minute webinar presented by Judy Adams, RN, BSN, HCS-D who has been closely and continually monitoring all developments related to the new COPS since the proposed new COPS were released in January 2017.
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