HH COP Training for Aides

HH COP Training for Aides
484.80 Home Health Aide Services Standard
(b) Content and Duration of Home Health Aide Classroom and Supervised Practical Training
(3) A home health aide training program must address each of the following subject areas:
(i) Communication skills, including the ability to read, write, and verbally report clinical information to patients, representatives, and caregivers, as well as to other HHA staff.
(xiii) Recognizing and reporting changes in skin condition
(4) The HHA must maintain documentation that demonstrates that the requirements of this standard have been met.

To help home health providers meet the new COP requirements above, our very own Sherry Thomas, BSN, MPH has developed a 2 Part Webinar Series for your agency’s aides on Recognizing and Reporting Skin Changes. You will receive access to the on-demand webinars, handouts and a certificate of completion for aides for the aide supervisor to sign and place in the aide’s personnel file.

In addition, we are including the recording, handout and certificate for "Communication Skills for the HHA."