New and Changed ICD-10-CM Codes Effective 10/1/18

The final 2019 codes were released by CMS on 6/11/18. A total of 615 code changes will take effect on Oct. 1, including 279 new codes, 285 revised codes and 51 code deletions. In addition to the code changes, there are also hundreds of changes to the Tabular instructions and Alphabetic Index. The final FY2019 code set includes 32 additional new codes that weren’t on the proposed list released April 24. Additionally, 285 codes underwent revision in the tabular section, which includes changes to code descriptions as well as tabular instructions.

Although there are changes in 15 of the 21 chapters in the coding manual, this webinar will focus primarily on the changes that have the likelihood of impacting home health and hospice care and services provided such as: 

  • An overview of the 55 new, revised & deleted neoplasm codes to report carcinomas, malignant and benign neoplasms, and melanocytic nevii of eyelids
  • Expanded codes for neurological system related to muscular dystrophy and hemifacial spasms
  • New and revised cerebrovascular disease codes
  • New codes related to ischiorectal and horseshoe abscess codes and other changes in the Digestive system
  • Expansion of myalgia codes to include more specific codes
  • 15 new codes for urethral stricture codes
  • 15 expanded codes at T41.4- that describe greater detail of surgical wound sites that will allow the coder to specify whether the infection affects the superficial incision surgical site, the deeper incisional surgical site, or the organ and space surgical site
  • 3 new codes for post-procedural sepsis 
  • New codes related to poisoning by ecstasy and new category of codes for exploitation of children and adults
  • Brief overview of code changes in other chapters less likely to be used by home health and hospice

In addition to a description of the code changes, the program will review recently released Coding Clinic guidance and define next steps to prepare for implementation of these changes on 10/1/2018.    Bring your staff together and come listen in to this fast moving 90-minute webinar focusing on code changes effective 10/1/2018 with selective illustrative case examples.

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Speaker: Judy Adams, RN, BSN, HCS-D, AHIMA Approved ICD-10-CM Trainer, Adams Home Care Consulting, Inc. is a well-known health care consultant and speaker with over 30 years of healthcare experienceand extensive experience in home care and home health management. Judy frequently speaks nationally on home health coverage, coding, HH COPs, PPS and medical review.
8/14/2018 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

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