Multi-View, Inc. Best Practice Forum: Compensation

Multi-View Inc.'s Andrew Reed will host this Best Practice Forum for AHHC/SCHCHA Home Health and Hospice Members on Compensation: The Most Powerful Structure an Organization can use for Accountability Leading to World-Class Performance!

An organization’s quality and economic performance comes down to a few things. One of them is Accountability. All high-quality organizations have ultra-high Standards fused with direct Accountability.  Compensation is the strongest structural Accountability system an organization can use. An intelligently designed compensation system is an extension of an organization’s People Development System. The use of SuperPay! allows an organization to remove from the job descriptions of Clinical Managers the need to 1) Monitor Documentation, 2) Monitor Productivity and 3) Perform Annual Evaluations. These activities used by the 50th percentile are simply unnecessary. This frees up a Manager’s time to do the 1st Duty of a Manager, which is to teach and coach the people they lead. The compensation system is the only known means to accomplish this as well as richly reward the productive in a culture and drive sub-performers away... The Compensation does the heavy lifting for you and removes many of the negative aspects of Manager structurally. This short webinar hits the highlights of such a compensation system!

Closer to the date of the webinar, you will be emailed a GoToWebinar registration link. You will need to register there to obtain access to the webinar.
12/14/2017 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM

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