AHHC's Advocacy Team

AHHC retains a strong lobbying team to work to protect in-home care and community based programs, both in and out of session. Advocacy Fund Contributions from members and constituents help to ensure the mission and values of the Association remain a priority for NC legislators.

Questions on current legislation or on how you can be a more effective advocate? Please feel free to contact us!

AHHC's Advocacy Fund

AHHC's Advocacy Fund supports our lobbyists (boots on the ground) who fight to protect CON, optional Medicaid programs, reimbursement rates and many other issues happening behind the scenes - both during and out of session. Every contribution makes a difference. Makes yours today!

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AHHC's Advocacy Team

Tim Rogers

Matthew W. Wolfe, JD, Shareholder

Baker Donelson

Ken Melton, Principal/Owner

Ken Melton and Associates

Andy Chase, Lobbyist

Ken Melton and Associates